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Modern Data Security and
Computer Forensics Techniques

Comprehensive support of the private sector and public institutions.


Our broad expertise base in information security and computer forensics as well as years of practical experience in relevant areas allow us to tailor our offer to the needs of both private entities (individuals, small businesses) and the government sector (courts, prosecutor’s offices, law enforcement organizations, border patrol units). We’re a full stack company, with expertise in pre-incident prevention measures and post-incident management.

Services provided to the government sector include:

Computer forensics for law enforcement purposes

Handling, processing, and preserving digital trace evidence for use in court proceedings requires the utmost subtlety and experience from the personnel involved.

Full-spectrum data recovery

Acquisition and analysis of seized storage media is also a very delicate matter that requires skilled personnel. We employ a wide variety of digital forensic instruments to facilitate the process of extraction and recovery. We also provide data recovery services to parties who have suffered irrecoverable media failures.

Post-breach analyses

Although attacks on government-owned IT infrastructure can be especially dangerous and may inflict significant and wide-ranging damage, government networks are still one of the most attractive targets for intrusion, data theft, and espionage, whether backed by a nation state or some other entity. Our investigative staff can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to assess the damage, evaluate the attack itself, and to prepare a final report with a set of recommendations and countermeasures whose implementation will prevent future breaches.

Audio-video analyses

The ubiquity of devices capable of recording video and audio often leads to their usage in civil and criminal proceedings. Our experts can help with the acquisition, extraction, and in-depth analysis of the footage or audio material.

Source code analyses

Copyright infringement and intellectual property cases often need an outside team of experts to come in and pore over every line of code in order to verify the validity of the claims presented before the judge.

Database integrity evaluations

Government entities often operate extensive databases and the personal data protection laws often require them to spare no effort in securing the databases against unauthorized access. We can quickly ascertain whether the integrity of a given database was disrupted via unlawful access, assess the damage, help with the identification of the invader, and recommend solutions that will prevent future breaches.

Child pornography investigations

Law enforcement often hires private experts to facilitate the takedowns of child pornography networks on the Internet. We help the police and the courts with monitoring network and website traffic, identification of individual perpetrators, we also assist with asset seizure and exploitation.

Software and hardware value appraisal

court cases revolving around copyright violations or stolen merchandise often require an expert assessment of the damages that the actions of the perpetrator resulted in and our specialists were called upon multiple times to provide such services to law enforcement agencies nationwide.