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Modern Data Security and
Computer Forensics Techniques

Comprehensive support of the private sector and public institutions.


Our broad expertise base in information security and computer forensics as well as years of practical experience in relevant areas allow us to tailor our offer to the needs of both private entities (individuals, small businesses) and the government sector (courts, prosecutor’s offices, law enforcement organizations, border patrol units). We’re a full stack company, with expertise in pre-incident prevention measures and post-incident management.

Services provided to the private sector entail:

Private opinions

In relation to the change in the code of the penal procedure starting from July 1st, 2015 in this procedure it will be allowed to use theprivate expert witness’ reports ordered by the party of the procedure. Handling, processing, and preserving digital trace evidence for use in court proceedings requires the utmost subtlety and experience from the personnel involved.

Digital forensics

Criminal activity inevitably leaves trace evidence. We can help you recover or extract information from a wide range of digital media, including hard disks, portable drives, mobile phones, tablets, identify parties responsible for breaching your infrastructure, as well as preserve traces left behind in the course of unauthorized entry to enable their usage as evidence in criminal proceedings.

Secure deletion solutions

When handled improperly, the revision or expansion of your existing storage infrastructure may end up leaving you and your invaluable trade secrets vulnerable to data recovery attempts. We’re familiar with multiple military-grade sanitization techniques and tools that will help you protect your data from prying eyes.

Penetration tests

In order to find and fix vulnerabilities in your security and storage infrastructures that may be exploited by third parties, we will run comprehensive penetration tests on your internal networks, any and all networked devices, and external avenues of approach.

In-depth post-breach audits

If a third party manages to get unauthorized access to your network or breaches your current safeguards, we can provide you with a complete post-incident rundown detailing the attacker’s method of approach, the failures of the current security infrastructure, the extent of damages incurred by the breach, and presenting a set of recommendations and countermeasures whose implementation will prevent future breaches.

Information security training

We provide comprehensive training protocols to employees and management personnel. The topics range from the basics of information security, through internal auditing and infrastructure protection, and up to ethical hacking. We also offer preparatory courses for candidates seeking certification like CISSP, CISA, CEH, CHFI, CCE, CIA, or CCNA/CCNP.

PN ISO/IEC 27001 compliance audits

To complement our comprehensive penetration tests, we can audit the security policies implemented your company’s information security management system to check their compliance with guidelines laid down in the most recent edition of the ISO 27001 norm published in 2013.

Full-spectrum risk management

Fraud is increasingly pervasive in today’s business landscape. We can help you manage risks raised by both external and internal issues, including employee fraud, leakage and theft of trade secrets, corporate espionage, and conflict of interest.