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Modern Data Security and Computer Forensics Techniques

Comprehensive support of the private sector and public institutions.


Increasingly complex computer and information technology systems underlie the majority of everyday conveniences we take for granted: communication, medical services, banking, transportation, or even city services like sanitation. Breaching these systems can wreak havoc on and cause irretrievable damage to private citizens, corporate entities, and government organizations alike, regardless of perpetrator or intent. Identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in security, network, and storage infrastructures is a necessity nowadays, as is reinforcing them against future attacks or breakdowns.

The ubiquity of computers also presents a challenge to law enforcement. Files, hard disks, Internet browser histories, and Google queries, play increasingly important roles in the process of administering justice. Trace evidence left behind by criminal activity has to be properly handled and examined to preserve its integrity in order to render it usable in investigations and court proceedings.

Both fields require broad expertise in a multitude of computer security-related fields. And that is precisely what Datastorm offers to both private entities and government organizations: teams of highly qualified security professionals and engineers with decades of experience in computer forensics and IT systems and infrastructure under their belts.


  • Full-spectrum risk management
  • Penetration tests
  • PN ISO/IEC 27001 compliance audits
  • Digital forensics
  • In-depth post-breach audits
  • Information security training
  • Computer forensics for law enforcement purposes
  • Full-spectrum data recovery
  • Secure deletion solutions
  • Post-breach analyses
  • Audio-video analyses
  • Source code analyses
  • Database integrity evaluations
  • Child pornography investigations
  • Software and hardware value appraisal